Impact of E-Learning Resources in Educational Institute during Pandemic in Uttarakhand


  • Dr. Indu Bharti Ghildliyal Author



Corona has had a very adverse effect on our society today due to the corona pandemic. During the corona epidemic, everyone could not come or go anywhere, due to which the person becomes very weak mentally and physically, due to which many people also go into depression. In the time of this pandemic, books have emerged as a true companion of the society. But during the pandemic, the person had to stay away from books due to his refusal to travel anywhere. Children's interest in reading books is also decreasing, making this problem very complicated for libraries. In today's time libraries have to increase the trend of digital books/e-books to increase the interest of the users towards books. We have to do online webinars, workshops, conferences etc at regular intervals in our educational institutions. Through e-books, e-magazines and other e-resources, we can increase the reading interest of the readers. Apart from e-resources, what are the mediums that can help students in the time of this extremely severe pandemic, through this research paper we will try to know that in the time of Corona-19, government educational institutions have made more what steps were you taken? What were the actions taken by private educational institutions or which did not stop the education of the students and what was the impact of these steps on the education sector.






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