Management of health project through Hoshin Kanri: A lean management method


  • Alok Kumar Mathur Saransh Nag, Kashish Nag Author



The paper is written to enhance the understanding of health project managers to make efficient and effective use of Hoshin Kanri a lean management method for the successful execution of the project.This conceptual paper has a realistic approach that a Health project manager can easily understand the subtleties of Hoshin Kanri and its practical use. Hoshin Kanri is a powerful approach to strategic planning which results into efficient deployment of resources towards achievement of breakthrough objectives. The key components in health project are think, strategize, plan, execute, analyse, improve, and learn. It allows the organisation to keep their focus in the right direction. Individuals working in different departments feel accountable for the achievement of clearly stated objectives which is in-fact a by-product of higher coordination, cooperation, and communication. The seven-step process is helpful in systematizing the management of health project with the help of cascade catchball, progressive PDSA and X-matrix. This allows the alignment of Operations at village level, tactics at Block and district level to strategies at state level.If, the health projects are implemented the Hoshin Kanri way then the grass root implementers and beneficiaries will be actively participating in delivering better care to the community as well as strengthening existing health care delivery system.






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